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Author Topic: Haven of the Lost  (Read 1665 times)


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Haven of the Lost
« on: Mar 29, 12, 07:17:13 AM »

Okay.. this is the scarey part..Putting into words what we have in our minds and on paper for the world to see.. but guess it has to be done eventually right?

As the "silent" partner/scripter (coughs theirs that word "silent" again, yet I'm the one updating everything on these forums (laughs)) We have actually sat down and talked a bit about the look and feel we want for the game. So here is kind of a run down on that. Drac is still working on the actual "back story", and "storyline".

Mind you, I get the nice ruff draft, as I'm just the Lead Dev on the team *giggles*.

Something has happened to "Earth". though Drac still hasn't told me WHAT yet. and a few humans had to flee.. so they were able to get to their modern space ship. Well, with any good story, they had to crash land somewhere! Guess they just didn't make it to where they were actually going.. but not all is lost!!!

The planet is inhabitable, and actually has inhabitants already on the planet. Gnomes, Ogres, Trolls, Elves.. the stuff that humans believed only were legends. Where do legends come from? The answer is simple. They come from stories. Where do stories come from? That's a bit more complicated, as they come from the imagination at times, but behind everything 'imaginable', their is reality behind it.

So the humans that crash land try to make nice with the locals. "We come in peace" just makes me laugh, but you get the point.

For centuries before the humans crashed their, their had been the normal peace and tranquility, everyone on the planet was/is in sync with their "Gaia" their "Earth". The humans have brought with them modern technology. This of cource fractures the peace of the land, as some do not want anything to do with these creatures and their machines, while others seek to help harness the power of the strange new devices.

Mixing their abilities they have honed for centuries, with that of this new modern machinery, they are able to create a steampunk world where machinery meets magic.
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