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Author Topic: Visions of Zosimos (Forever Interactive) - Looking for Programmers  (Read 1549 times)


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  Forever Interactive is currently looking for talented and passionate programmers to help on production of Visions of Zosimos.  Knowledge of HSL is preferred but not required.  If you are interested in more information, please contact david.staats@foreverinteractive.com and scott.zarnke@foreverinteractive.com

Visions of Zosimos is a unique blend of the strategy, role-playing and collectible card game genres, allowing players across the board to experience a new form of cooperative and competitive play. Drawing inspiration from real-world ancient texts, players take on the role of a student of Alchemy, an ancient precursor to Chemistry with an emphasis on mysticism and mythology, as well as the transmutation and binding of elemental and spiritual forces. As students, you'll gain rank and reward by creating a homunculus, an artificial being formed by the elements, fueled by the teachings of your chosen Alchemy Master, and inhabited by the spirits of real-world heroes, villains, myths, legends, kings, warlords and tyrants. Your homunculus, under your direct control, acts as your avatar as you vie for control over the last unclaimed frontier - the afterlife. Utilizing a combination of spells, ambushes and minions, you outfight and outwit your enemies while exploring alternate planes of reality shaped and molded by the stories and beliefs of our ancestors.

David Staats
Project Director
Forever Interactive, LLC