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Author Topic: Obsidius, The First Age  (Read 1765 times)


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Obsidius, The First Age
« on: Apr 01, 12, 10:42:56 PM »

Hello everyone thank you for your time

I am currently looking for volunteers to help with a dynamic mmo based on the players themselves. The gameplay being based on a single class that is modified by the player as they level up to create the type of character they have  the most fun being. the world is based on the players they create the story and help develop it throughout the life of the game (maybe with a nudge of a world event or two).

- 6 callings for the character as they level up they can place 2 skill points into the 6 calling trees to modify their unique character
- profession trees, unlike other mmo games i think there should be other fun ways to play other than killing things (allthough that should still be fun) the professions should have a skill tree increasing the players effectiveness using that skill for example, a miner could specialize in the gem path increasing the chances of finding gems which they could use in armors and weapons or sell for large amounts of money, or vice versa they could put the points into ore mining and mine more ore much faster
- ability tests  a game should always keep you on your toes and keep testing you, for this reason there should be enemies that test you by grabbing your character you must use the arrow keys to escape their grasp or being able to climb a short stone wall to get to a hidden chest
- every armor should have a use, each metal has a certain special ability silver doubles undead damage and increases enchantments power slightly, mithril is light increasing the attack speed with weapons, gold although not great at blocking physical attacks has the highest enchantment multiplier and has high magic resists
- custom items, players should be able to create their armors with what they need, a warrior who protects would put jewels that were enchanted to increase his health and strength into his steel armor, a mage would sew jewels that channel more powerfull magic or runes that augment his spells with new abilities into his robes
- guilds and factions, the idea of being something larger than yourself is nice especially when your friends can take control of a city
- war  guilds and factions can declair war on other guilds or factions at a certain price per week (game money) allowing new competition to the players where a opponent can attack you anytime (except peacefull cities) and vice versa
- races, there should be many races for the player to choose from each with special abilities to make them stand out from the others

-dynamic weather, like the real world a game should have different scenerios, like a fog that rolls in for a day causing everything to become more difficult to see, or a strong storm that floods some lowland areas
- cities, as every mmo has its cities not many can say that a guild leads the city, making a age of massive prosperity or horrible depression for its citizens and also giving the guild a home base
- wildlands areas that cannot be defended by guards and magic to keep the peace become wildlands where everyone can attack anyone and there are no rules to the bloodshed
- random caves sometimes sprouting up giving a player a quick exploring opertunity
-massive zones, allowing players to explore and find their own little homelands to defend or fight for

- single player dungeons, dungeons that can be soloed by some players to let the solo players still have fun
- dual dungeons for those players and their best friend to fight side by side
- 5 man dungeons for a group of players to test their teamwork and fight powerfull bosses
- 10 man raids to test their group against some of the most dangerous enemies known
- dynamic bosses that have a special weakness or ability that can mean the difference between easily killing the boss or dying a quick death

- player homes, to give the player a chest to keep their loot and trophies and a place to stay and relax
- game dev bosses, to have fun with the players and stay close the devs can be made into a special raid boss sometimes and fight groups of players that challenge them
- dragons some games have dragons and make them a normal enemy, in Obsidius dragons should be rare, along with the loot from finding and killing them

as i may not be the greatest at programming and making all the assets in the game i would like volunteers that would love to help me if you have any questions email me at rgwirtz@gmail.com

i need
-3d designer (models and animations)



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Re: Obsidius, The First Age
« Reply #1 on: Apr 02, 12, 02:10:34 PM »


if you like to help me i help you too u can contact tetwan100@hotmail.com thx
my project is lords of the nations or lords of the kingdoms i dont know the name yet hehe  ;)