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Author Topic: (Master Games) Century Travel  (Read 1718 times)


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(Master Games) Century Travel
« on: Apr 05, 12, 07:59:05 PM »

Hello everyone, I'm Luke, I am Brazilian, director of the Games Master, I bring you something new in our company, Century Travel Online, a game that takes place in the era of industrialization, the steam machine, our company has experienced with several developers, but I know that here contains several experts in game development and want to rely on your help to continue reading this topic please

I will talk a bit more from us to you
The Master Games is a team of Brazilian game developers, who want to enhance their potential in creating games in Brazil, companies creating games is very low, so we want to bring the name of all Master Games in Brazil, and also abroad, we know that the U.S. and several countries, has great game developers, so we are recruiting people with experience who want to help us, and share your experience with us

As previously mentioned, we are developing a game called Century Travel, is a game that will take place at the time of industrialization, we want to make an innovative game that brings a lot of fun to the players, we at Master Games, we are in the final process of developing action game third-person

Like I said, we know that every person who knows the hero engine, and like it has potential, even if it is under development, so we really would like to have your help, dear developers in our project to so just fill this form

Position desired:

We have vacancies, especially for programmers
We also have to:

If our game to bring results, I am willing to pay

Thank you for your attention, dear developer, have a great day


Lucas, director of the Master Games

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Re: (Master Games) Century Travel
« Reply #1 on: Apr 07, 12, 08:16:14 AM »

The positions of 3D Modeler, Map Maker, Writer, Designer, WebDesigner

They were all busy, we need much of a scripter to help us!

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