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Author Topic: [Resolved] CAT Rig now supported!  (Read 1959 times)


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[Resolved] CAT Rig now supported!
« on: Apr 12, 12, 10:53:26 AM »

That's right! Support has been added for use of the CAT (Character Animation Tool) in 3ds Max in the new version of the HeroEngine Art Pipeline.  The SRB creation tool and exporter now parse the needed info properly (CATObjects are a little weird).


The root 'Bone' of the character must still be named 'Bip01', just like the Biped.  However,  the 'Bip01' default CAT rig is misleading! It has the 'CATParent', the triangular control at the feet of the rig, named Bip01.  This won't work!

The CATParent control must be renamed to something like 'Bip01 ROOT' and the Root 'bone' object, called "Bip01 PelvisBone01" in the Bip01 default CAT rig (must be either a HUBObject or CATBone ), must be renamed to "Bip01"

Also, the top level bone, that you rename to Bip01, is often hidden.  It MUST be visible when the skeleton/character is exported.

Just like with Biped, the exporter will attempt to hide and ignore all helper objects and controls associated with a CAT rig when exporting it.  However, it is ALWAYS better to hide these yourself to ensure a clean export.

As a final note, the CAT tool is .... big.  It is possible some additional support for the tool would be desirable.  So get the new art pipeline and give it a shot and let us know what you think!
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