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Author Topic: And a hello from Periscope Games  (Read 1687 times)


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And a hello from Periscope Games
« on: Apr 23, 12, 06:15:57 PM »

I'll throw out a friendly greeting from Periscope Games, fresh off the starting block as we are. We are sofar a team of four people, of varying degrees of experience at gamemaking and its associated skills. The decision to throw ourselves into the deep end and try to make a MMO out of some of the ideas we have floating around was made not two weeks ago, and the time spent between then and now has been an interesting trip to say the least.

Right now, three of us are heads deep inside HeroBlade, trying out things with the default assets, some of us are trying to get comfortable with the art pipeline, and I'm personally rubbing my hands together, seeing the possibilities just open up as I get more comfortable with HeroEngine.

Our game concept is ephemeral still, with not even the time period nailed down and set in stone, but I'll expose some of our plans. The player will be landing in a world where survival is a matter of building everything from the ground up, in a hostile environment where not only your life is at risk, but your carefully molded creations as well. The focus on crafting will be heavy, and we aim towards player economy being not only a matter of money, but also a matter of product.

Sofar, HeroEngine just looks ages ahead of any other middleware we've tried, and there's no question that we'll be using HE for our game. Whether we reach our goal or not remains to be seen, because we are certainly not lacking in ambition, but the road there will certainly be a lot more fun with this powerful tool now in our hands. :)

Shameless plug time; interested parties may throw a mail off to info@periscopegames.com in case they'd like to hear more, and perhaps get their hands dirty with us.

Best regards,
Kenneth Aalberg
Periscope Games
Best regards,
Kenneth Aalberg
Periscope Games