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Author Topic: A couple of new game videos  (Read 2904 times)


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A couple of new game videos
« on: Apr 26, 12, 04:45:49 PM »

Finally got the time to hack together footage we had lying around.

Here's some FPS Demo footage - http://youtu.be/OuVr5zY9m6U
Here's some Space Shooter footage - http://youtu.be/To5YvCds2Qg
And here's a hack together of all the games we have video for - http://youtu.be/kZA9JCbVnzY

And no making fun of our poor old art. It's all from HJ Ref, so not exactly meant to make a space or robot based game, but when you think about it is only 3 scripters: Alex, Jay, Scott, a technical artist: Bennett, and me making the whole thing in our spare time, they are a decent example of how powerful the tech is...after you get over the learning curve. :-D
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