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Author Topic: Rookie looking to make his mark...  (Read 1497 times)


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Rookie looking to make his mark...
« on: May 02, 12, 06:30:40 AM »

Hello all, name's Py. As of right now I am currently working out the kinks of a game idea I have had for the past year or two but just couldn't find the right engine to help me create it. Since then I may have picked up a few programmers and artists though we all have other jobs and will be making my project on the side. I have self taught myself some basic modeling in Maya and Max, as well as programming in C++/C#/VB/DarkBasic. I am hoping to soon crack HSL as my first scripting language.

The project I have in mind is called Martial Law (Title Pending).  Long and short of it I plan on creating a game similar in feel to EVE as far as crafting and skill set, while playing more like BF3 or ARMA, with a small mixtures of other features I have in mind that I have not seen put together much. I have no website etc as currently my goal is just to get a basic prototype going showing that my visions can be brought to life then I will go into overhaul and crank out my beta. I cannot say anything on timelines because simply put I have not done a game this large before and don't want to place an unreasonable timeline on myself or the people I have helping.

I'm sure you will all see my OMG HELP ME posts on the forums soon enough, until then have fun!