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Author Topic: Want to learn how to make your own assets? using Maya,Zbrush,Mudbox,Photoshop  (Read 2181 times)


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I am 31 years old. I am almost done with my degree in 3d modeling and animation. I have years of experience creating assets for video games. Most of my experience has been for Unity however I have some experience with HE and I don't see a problem with applying my skills and knowledge to modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating assets for HE. I may have to adapt to a few parameters, and look through the requirements for HE assets however, this will not be a problem.

I am not sure if I have put this post in the correct place within the forum. My apologies if this is the wrong place.

I am posting this because I would like to see what the interest level is within  the community here in regards to learning to create your on characters and objects in general, from scratch.

Assuming there is reasonable amount of interest I will build a website and offer constant support. At the moment I will offer support to students when I am available on skype answering questions and solving your problems as they arise.

I will record my screen as I am sharing with the students (you can follow along or just observe) when the lesson is over I will create a short video of the lesson and allow them to download it (I am not giving the rights of the video to students so it is not to be shared of course, but it is just a tool to assist them in learning the content further.)

I will be offering training for anyone of any experience level in reference to the following programs.


as well as others this is just what my pipeline consists of. I can offer lessons for multiple students (upto about 5 or so at once) If your team all needs to join. Or one on one lessons. Either way same price per person.

Price per lesson will be $20

-Length will be 1hr - 2hrs depending on how fast students pick up the content

Lessons in general  will be broke down in to parts.

-Maya - Basic low poly modeling from scratch using maya focusing on efficient use of polygons and topology construction.
  This will also include a brief run thru UV'ing an object (using Maya) and applying simple textures in Photoshop.

-Zbrush - Basic Modeling, sculpting, UV'ing and brief texture painting and producing maps for use (diffuse, normal, spec, etc.). Including tips tricks and how to work around's for common problems. There is a lot of information to cover with zbrush, it has a lot to offer, So if you are wanting to learn zbrush in its entirety that will a series of lessons for this exclusively.

-Mudbox - Establish a Model with UV's (may cover that briefly or have one provided for the lesson already) and then import to Mudbox, sculpting, painting and producing maps for use  (diffuse, normal, spec, etc.). And we will cover a comparison to zBrush so that the student can decide which is best for them. ( I use both...sculpt in Zbr and paint in Mudbox).

-Maya - Rigging , Proper skeleton creation, creating a rig for custom characters from scratch using controllers and FK/IK blend or one or the other depending on your needs. We can cover Inverse foot roll, Knee compensation to prevent awkward flipping of the knee, proper forearm twisting, set driver keys for fingers, etc. Also covering proper Skin weighting. May also include transferring animations, transferring skin weights.

-Maya - Animation, basic principles, techniques, interpolation, smoothing animation loops and using the graph editor to fine tune animations. May also cover skin weights in this section as well. Baking animations, embeding media, bind pose, import/export skin weights, proper exporting of FBX. Cover layers.

Here is a few examples of things I have done recently. 2d and 3d art.

This is a Graphic Novel (based on H.G. Wells stories) that will be released soon. I am the colorist for this project by NewBabyProductions. http://chronicargo.newbabyproductions.com/default.aspx


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You should put together an entire curriculum. Something like 'from coder to [3ds | maya] artist in 12 laborious hours' and offer the video series for a couple hundred dollars.  I'd be more likely to buy that than to pay someone to walk me through the interface for 90 minutes (or what have you), as that kind of stuff is all over vimeo / you tube.


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I'd be interested in a couple lessons.  Right now skin weights are kicking me in the rear as I'm putting together my first static characters, that will roll into dynamic characters.  My rigging is going well, but things like fingers, and some basic Maya animation and skin weights are really kicking my butt and I'd love to find some better ways to do  things.

Shoot me a PM and let me know some info if you could?  :)  Thank you.
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