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Hi there,

I would like to introduce myself and my project:

NAME: Hugo Reyes (yes, same as the fat guy in Lost).

POSITION: Designer.

BIO: I have worked for some of the big guys (Square-Enix as an example) in several positions but the ones I did the most were game tester and design assistant. This gave me quite a lot of experience on what NOT to do in order to develop a game.

PROJECT: Rolemasters (MMORPG).

I started designing a game back in the 80's when I purchased my first D&D system. I have played several RPGs after that and created my own version by 1990 and played it for around 20 years so, the system in the paper works and it is more than tested, now the whole idea is to port it as a MMORPG.

CONCEPT: The idea is not innovative at all. A fantasy-medieval mmorpg like other few millions. What I have done is to polish the system to make it more complete than most of the systems out there. This game will be geared more towards rpg geeks rather than common public due to its complexity but once the system is made I plan to make a script to auto-level players so that it is easier for newbies in the RPG field to play the game.

PLAN: Basically, all I need is a good engine (I have it now) a good designer (I am), several 3d artists (I have) and scripters. I am now in the phase of tinkering myself with the herocloud engine to see how it works and what kind of scripters I will need and once I have a better idea of it I will either train them since I have several coders but they have no idea about using heroengine scripting language or hire experimented ones here by paying them.

FINANCE: I am the only one who is going to finance all this and I really know how much it is going to cost me. Hopefully I will have enough funds for this, but just in the case I have investors interested to back me up.

See you in the boards guys :)

Hugo Reyes

I love to see project that "aren't innovative at all". :-) At least you're starting out by being honest with yourself, which is a step further than a lot of new game developers ever get. :-)

That caught my eye as well.  I thought it was great to admit that :)

I myself am happy to see that statement made as well. All too often people are trying to create something new and innovative based off of modern MMOs(WoW+ more recent) but what we need to do is look back to the origins of it all to create a truly enjoyable game.

The technology limitations and constraints that forced earlier games to limit their end product still did quite well. With the more advanced technology and systems available we should be able to take the old and hampered games and rejuvenate them into modern versions of what they originally were desired to be, if not better. I am not calling for remakes or updates, but to be inspired by this once great creations.

I personally think that the potential for a fixed-camera third person MMORPG is huge and that it could be the next big success. We have the capacity for some amazing free-camera 3d games, but all too often I find that it ends up limiting the scope of the game as developers end up losing sight of what matters most(gameplay) when they have to worry too much about how pretty the sky looks and how everything is viewed from so many different angles.

I am far from a technical genius, but I feel that it may actually improve the chances of having a Tablet/PC compatible MMORPG as it would cut down on graphic loads by having the fixed-camera view.


Hello and welcome!

I always like to see independent developers with admiration for the foundation of MMOs and with their feet on the ground.  I hope your project is a rewarding experience.

Good luck!


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