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Author Topic: Niimus  (Read 1845 times)


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« on: May 31, 12, 07:49:35 AM »

Hi there,

I'm a programmer with 35+ years experience in all aspects of gui design, Geo-spatial systems, DBase design and management and much, much more.

I have been toying for some time with producing an MMO along the Sandbox lines hence project Niimus.

Having played Eve, WoW, Perpetuum and several others games, I am looking at some of the stumbling blocks in those games - particularly new player experience and the new versus veteran player divide. Also being an avid multi-boxer I am looking at incorporating the appropriate support into the project.

Looks like this will be of the space opera ilk - but trying to put myself in the shoes of someone in the eve universe - just starting the mining lasers and turning on the vid to watch the latest sci-fi blockbuster - and ask myself what unique content  would that have beyond internet space-ships/ internet robots ....

Also having been classically trained in music and having a great deal of experience with 3d design (Maya, ZBrush, Poser, DAZ3d etc.) I feel I can do a great deal of the work myself - I know a really big undertaking even for a larger team.

But I have a few friends interested in the project who will no doubt insist on adding their contribution, but for all intents and purposes this is really a 'hobby' project.

Just want to see where it leads :)

Of course if anyone out there is interested in lending a hand all offers are welcome - with possibly some reward if the project ever see the light of day .....

I can be contacted by email Niimus01@gmail.com




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Re: Niimus
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 12, 09:35:26 AM »

Good luck. Hope things go how you want.