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Author Topic: Canyonbreed (SciFi)  (Read 1346 times)


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Canyonbreed (SciFi)
« on: Jun 02, 12, 04:26:05 PM »

"Cold darkness is crawling from the innumerable corners of the abandoned
layers. Energy is unlimited, but reconditioning is very extensive.
Outlaws and workers who have been banned to darkness are creating
their own realm and are now fighting for survival. They only have one
goal: To bring back the ship on the right course to planet <placeholder>."

CanyonBreed is a Game, which can't be counted to the fantasy-genre.
Where you have to discover gigantic terrains in other MMO's, in
this game life solely plays onboard of an immovable space ship.

(textureless retro-look)

Planned: (to keep them short and simple)
Races: 1 (Human)
Skillsystem: skill whatever you want within the possibilities/skillcaps (like Ultima Online)

Combat-Art: melee, ranged, PSI use (like neocron)
PvP: of course... the entire game is open-pvp except some places like beginner-zones or trading-zones
World: on a huge ship that is out of control
Crafting: ammo, armor, weapons, goodies and more