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Is there a class hierarchy diagram for the base HE/CleanEngine stuff?

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I'm getting terribly confused with many of the system objects, like E_Playercharacter inheriting E_CommonCharacter inheriting _PlayerCharacter. Is there a diagram that shows the basic inheritance/hierarchy for the system specific stuff ?

And on a related note, is there any documentation for the default Events sent by the Server? E.g. OnCombatEvent, OnAbilityActivate..

There are some around, if you search the wiki for things like character, such as the small one here:

I made some diagrams myself just from my own investigations for helping out our new members.  I'll dig them up and post them if there is nothing too similar already up.

I don't do much wiki editing, and after playing around in it a bit I am not sure if I even can upload images to it, so I'll post here.  Sorry they don't fit too well, but you can download them from the link underneath them.

If the HeroWiki administrators want to add these diagrams, feel free.

These are the character trees:

Here is a more in-depth depiction of the relationship between account and character(s), using the E_ classes.  Note that each account can have more than one character and each character can have more than one CharacterAppearance and more than one E_Ability.

The arrows are associations which point from source to target.

These associations only exist on the server side.


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