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Author Topic: Hello, everyone  (Read 1861 times)


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Hello, everyone
« on: Jul 04, 12, 06:03:40 AM »

Hello, my name is Michael and I, like everyone else here, have a strong love for games and their development. I am a 3d artist (models and environment is where I am rooted but I am branching out to rigging, animating, and particles) that misses the old days of MMOs like Ultima Online (even tho my experience with that was so often lagging on that dial up modem to finally get in and find myself dead at the hands of that PK mage that seemed to love to grief!) with its focus on skill and character development.

I find myself losing enthusiasm for the current design strategies of MMOs (limited diversity, lack of choice, lack of depth, lead me around from one experience to the other, no exploration, and immensely static) and place my hope on the independent market to provide something wonderful.

I have all sorts of plans for what I would like to do for my HeroEngine project (don't we all, though?) but recognize that I'm one person - big dreams and lofty goals is a dangerous trap I need to avoid. My goal is to start small and just try my best.

That said, my "dream" project is:

* Evolving world with a history developed by its player base.
* Character system that rewards the player for his time invested in a character should he opt for a permanent death solution.
* A crafting system that isn't just an ever changing recipe list - you choose a function for the item, and its abilities are dependent upon your skill, the materials you use, and choices you make during the crafting process.
* A world where you can forge your own kingdom - individually or as a guild. 

Most of these are very grand and simply beyond the reach of one person in any form of reasonable time.  But I won't let that stop me from trying. Success or failure, maybe ideas I have and share over the course of time will inspire or influence another, better staffed or better talented team, and I could still see my "dream MMO" become a reality.

Good luck to everyone out there and have a successful 2012!



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Re: Hello, everyone
« Reply #1 on: Jul 04, 12, 10:36:24 AM »

Welcome!  I'm pretty new around here but I've found if you dig around the forums or the wiki, you'll usually come up with a solution that works.  If not, ask a question, from what I've seen the other people around here are quite friendly.
Dan Hanson