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Author Topic: [Resolved] Character Creation  (Read 694 times)


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[Resolved] Character Creation
« on: Jul 21, 12, 03:44:21 PM »

We are working to understand the Character Creation system but are running into a few issues, for now we are using the Hero sample_character set up the dat. file and edits to the server and client scripts but a few things are not working and we have errors. The worst is.

!ERROR!System:Input [BaseMode] does not have enum handle [Combat]!
!ERROR!System:BehaviorBase: Attempt to set input [BaseMode] to [Combat] failed, enum not valid for this input (node=9223372055763831974).

Also added these photos that may help explain where we are.

In the client script E_ACCControllerClassMethods

In the method _onPreAnimUpdate, comment the line “if GetAnimInput(mychar, "BaseMode") != "Combat"” and the 2 lines of script following it.

The code should look like:
//if GetAnimInput(mychar, "BaseMode") != "Combat"
//  SetAnimInput(mychar, "BaseMode", "Combat")
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