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Author Topic: Complicated problems sometimes need simple solutions. DA rules of the game.  (Read 1972 times)


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BELOW I have attempted to examine various MMOs I play and see their strengths and weaknesses.

AS mentiontioned here: Dominion Rules supercede OGL I was considering adapting PnP rules for the game.

There's pages and pages of equations and everything for combat, injuries, and such seem sound. We have no coder to put the stuff into code but we also need someone to help make a manual that would blueprint for the coders.

What we do have is my copy & pasting the words of the DR while omitting the illustrations.

I guess I should do simpler steps in the meantime. But what? A list of game features? Review games I do enjoy and try to distill them into concepts I can borrow?

I have an mental illness that complicates many things so my thought process/ memory are severely affected. I do remember spitting out several docs for a project I was fired from.... the docs themselves were rejected! Unfortunately I cannot replicate the same rapid fire response when I'm working on my other projects... :(

I find myself lanquishing in finished commercial games with too many alts and no higher lvl chars to show for my efforts.

EDIT: A list of game features? Review games I do enjoy and try to distill them into concepts I can borrow?

Okay, here goes something....

LIKE about UO: skill based game play, customizable player housing available.

+ Many diverse regions opened up via expansions to the core game.

+ New "spells" introduced each expansion, now new player races.

DISLIKE about UO: skills take months or maybe years of honest play time to get onto a character while less honest people brag about having multiple chars with skills it took me a long time to get done.

- Housing isn't cheap nor are the items one needs to get ahead in the game.

- At first converting a human character to elf took a special quest that needed to be completed. Now it can be done with an expensive token system. Gargoyles are said to be "overpowered" but only a wealthy player can afford to upkeep it.

- Hardly ever explore the new regions via public moongate menu. I just go to one city or two to hang out and go to the old dungeons to do a little dungeon crawling about. PVP happens mainly in one area in the game which I can easily avoid.

- They dropped a major penalty against red characters so thus murderers roam free and with impunity in PVP area.

- Cheating rampant in game, but few seem to know how to combat it.

- Game limps along while the company that owns it just doesn't advertise or promote it enough to new potential customers. Lucky it hasn't been axed.

- Magical travel system in this game is unique. Runes and runebooks allow players to instaneously travel from one location to the next with ease so you're rarely just wasting time running back and forth. Reason this is a negative is that other games don't replicate its unrealism.

Like about LOTRO: can't think of much right now to say I like about it. You can go to Bree town....

DISLIKE about LOTRO; game is structured for higher level chars and there's a progression system to how far into the game you can explore. While understandable that the best chars get to enjoy perks that lesser chars can't do, if you're slow at leveling you can be a veteran of the game yet have a character or group of chars that a power gamer would have finished up in a month or so.

- I hate these grindy, boring quests to gain experience. Simply killing monsters doesn't do much lvl progression unlike Final Fantasy XI.... You have to go on a quest, venture miles and miles into the wilderness, finish doing an arbitrary task, and then hoof it back to town.

- "Porting" from place to place only done by certain class. In WOW it is mages but in LOTRO it is hunters. NOT as easily customizable as in UO.

- FORCED group playing in most instances. A healer character can heal oneself and others but isn't as effective at killing stuff as a non-healing tank or magic user. It doesn't make any damn sense to me, but the mainstream games have this "feature." Potion quaffing is an option but it just seems a pathetic substitute to UO's multiple healing means.

(Many of the negatives above apply to WOW/ LOTRO/ Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) as they are class-based games....)

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