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Author Topic: Lucid Epic is recruiting (Old style MMO akin to EQ, FFXI)  (Read 2476 times)


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Lucid Epic is an MMORPG in production created for fans of the early generation of MMOís. Games such as Everquest, Ashronís Call, and FFXIV. Our goal is to put the multiplayer aspect back into a new generation of MMORPG.

We believe that MMORPGs these days play more like single player video games put onto a multiplayer client. There is no incentive to group together with other players and most content can be cleared within a few weeks of reaching the max level.

In Lucid Epic players will need to group with each other in order to kill most enemies even at low levels. This aspect of the game is the heart and soul of the design and players will find it difficult to progress in the game without a well played group.

End game is practically non existant in todays generation of MMORPGs. There is no progression through raid content, and players can jump right in to the most difficult of raids with only a week or 2 of work. Lucid Epic will cut away from this and truly make raiding difficult and put the EPIC feel back into the genre.

Lucid epic is being built by fans of early generation MMOís and we strive to re-kindle that style of gameplay. There will be no hand holding, there will be no free deaths, there will be no easy fights, and there certainly wonít be any mini map in the corner.

This game will frustrate you. This game will require you to grind levels with a well made party. This game will be difficult. But the rewards will be unmatched.

We do not claim that we have an entirely new kind of game, infact we embrace the fact that we donít! We strive to get the feel of the old, with much more modern graphics.

Our main and currently only focus is on PvE and the community of our game. At this time we have no plans on introducing PvP into the game. We want to be able to balance the game as well as we can, and we find that pvp often makes balancing PvE difficult.

The biggest part of the game for us is character progression and uniqueness. There will be hundreds of unique looking items in the game obtained mainly from killing enemies. Mundane camps everwhere spawn bosses and generals who drop unique loot, so the insentive for players to explore the game world is high.

-Skip to here for recruitment-

Lucid Epic is currently in it's early stages of production and we are seeking talent of all sorts.


What you can expect from us:

We are a professional team dedicated to our project goals. Our work environment allows for creative freedom and accepts constructive criticism. Once the project is in full swing we will hold weekly Skype video conferences to consolidate our ideas, smooth work flow, and answer any questions that we have. In addition there is a specific forum only accessible to our team members where we also able to be in constant communication with each other.

What you can expect from me personally:
My job in this endeavor is to facilitate the design over all aspects of the game and make sure that each team member is well informed on what job they need to be working on and what job others are working on. In addition I am always available to keep the design on track and open to answer any questions that team members have about it. The design of the game is well thought out and well documented, many of the general designs from combat, to classes, leveling, raiding, etc. can be viewed on the website: [1] http://www.lucidepic.com. Access to the game design document will be available to all team members. The GDD will be ever changing and ever evolving as we progress, and as opinions and criticisms from the team roll in.

In addition to these features my applicable abilities will be working as the lead World Builder, and doing 3d modeling as necessary. Some of my models are available on the website to view if you are interested. As a fantasy writer by profession I am more than apt to writing quests and story arcs as well (although this game has little in terms of these things).


What we expect from you:

Above all else we expect professionalism. We expect you to be not only exceptional at your trade, but also willing to learn. As many of you will not be familiar with this engine there will be time to grow and adapt to the restrictions and syntax of HeroEngine. Participation and communication are paramount to our success as a team. We expect our members to be in constant communication with each other to smooth the development proccess.

We are currently seeking the following:

Concept / illustration artists:

-Duties include creating well illustrated images either from the Game Design Document or otherwise. This will include city design, character and monster design, as well as clutter asset design as defined by the GDD or a collaboration of ideas from our team.

Environment / architecture modelers:

-Duties include creating all static meshes in the game as defined by the Game Design Document and illustrated by the concept artist. Including but not limited to: Buildings, weapons, armor, and clutter. We are only accepting artists that use either 3ds Max or Maya at this time (these 2 programs have integrated export features that drop assets directly into HeroEngine's art pipeline).

Character Modelers:

-Duties include creating all player character models and enemy models in the game as defined by the Game Design Document and illustrated by the concept artist. Knowledge of animation is a bonus, but not required. However, skeleton rigging is.

Texture artists:

-Duties include creating high resolution and low resolution textures for evironmental models as well as character models. Texture artists will also be creating spell effect textures.


HSL Scripters:

-Duties include scripting / programming all aspects of the game. Including UI, Combat, Loot tables, auction system, etc. Although we are specifically looking for programmers familiar with HSL we are also accepting applicants familiar with other programming languages that are willing to learn on their own / trained by senior programmers.


World Builder / Designer:

-Duties include creating heightmaps and placing meshes according to maps in the Game Design Document, as well as self judgement on where to build. This is a very vague opening but we expect some previous knowledge of world building and experience with Hero Engine.


If you fit any of these qualifications and are interested in the project please visit us at:


We also have a forum and welcome any additional questions or comments here or there.
Thank you.
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