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Author Topic: [Resolved] How to place an npc?  (Read 870 times)


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[Resolved] How to place an npc?
« on: Aug 08, 12, 10:04:38 PM »

hi, im not really intending on making a real game, and i just want to mess around with heroengine, and i don't intend on putting any new npc's into the game besides the ones that are already come as default. anyway, i would like to know how to put one of the monkeytok's from the fantasy lowlands example area into my own area. im assuming all of the hard work is already done, and all i want to do is put one into my world but i cant figure out how lol, so can anybody tell me how or direct me to a tutorial? thanks in advance!!!
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Re: How to place an npc?
« Reply #1 on: Aug 09, 12, 12:08:16 AM »

You can find the tutorial on how to do so here
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Re: How to place an npc?
« Reply #2 on: Aug 09, 12, 08:14:54 AM »

The front page of the wiki is your friend! :-)