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Author Topic: HeroEngine Test Server: Updated to HeroEngine Topaz (1.73.1)  (Read 1252 times)


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The HeroEngine Test Server (Server 0) has been updated to the latest HeroEngine Topaz (1.73.1) release.  This release includes the following minor bug fixes and enhancements.

1.73.1 Enhancements
  • New Graphics Option Value HMLODDistanceFactor has been added which now controls the LOD of heightmaps. Formerly, all LOD was controlled by LODDistanceFactor

1.73.1 Corrections
  • Fixed a rare crash in the destruction of physics instances during area unload
  • Safety checks added to prevent crashes related to Pathfollowers (bug 141385)
  • Replaced buggy EventCountdown class with ClientClock::clock_t, fixing potential delays in mouse events at certain framerates (bug 141467)
  • Safety checks added to prevent various edge case crashes (bugs 141392 and 141388)
  • Fixed a crash in Test Build Asset on the Physics panel when button was clicked a second time with an invalid selection
  • Skydomes render using the sky tint color from the area to which they belong, regardless of camera positioning across seamless boundaries.
  • Fixed dynamic details update on terrain using non-standard resolution heightmaps and added checks to prevent overflow and artifacting caused by extreme density/distance settings.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect room bounding box updates that could omit tall heightmaps (affecting minimap rendering)
  • Added fallback code to mesh file loading
  • Safety checks added to physics mesh importer code

The full Topaz release history can be found at product release history page
Christopher Larsen