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Author Topic: Merry Paw Games is Back  (Read 1049 times)


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Merry Paw Games is Back
« on: Sep 02, 12, 02:00:35 PM »

Hello all! I was a tester for the Hero Engine when it was being released to the public for the MMO development.
I decided to go ahead and get my license and jump back into it.

I am currently a team of one but I hope to be able to pick up a part time member here and there as I need them. I am an artist and have worked alot with Unity Engine and can do a bit of Unityscript and can generally debug scripts but I'm not a programmer for sure :)

My game is a social RPG, some of you may remember Ryzon, I believe its still about somewhere. The general idea is along that line.

I think my biggest hurdle will be getting inventory going because you have to deal with arrays and such so Ill need a bit of help with that for certain.

One of the few female developers here I want to greet all of you and if you need my help with art, Im willing to barter! Good luck!

Game Asset Artist | I am available for static art asset creation and world building, please message.