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Author Topic: Rival Games  (Read 1974 times)


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Rival Games
« on: Sep 12, 12, 12:14:36 AM »

Hello everyone,

I am the leader of Rival Games and we are a small team of 3D modelers. We do not have any programers with us and we are currently learning the HeroEngine to bring to life all the 3D models we have created for a while. We are aiming for an aircraft dog-fighting MMO game. We have over 600+ 3D models created over the years so we decided we should try out the HeroEngine to create our very own game using all our models placed together. However, to help other project members, we also sale our models online in our storefront. We have been creating models for gaming industries since 2006 and worked on many titles as well with large and small companies.

At the moment, we are only eight ( 8 ) 3D modelers and we are seeking programers and world builders to help us bring our game to life. I only have one ( 1 ) dedicated programer but although he knows Java/C# very well, he is totally new to the HeroEngine. If anyone is ever interested in joining us, please do let me know!

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Re: Rival Games
« Reply #1 on: Sep 24, 12, 03:23:41 PM »

Welcome and good luck. Love dog fighting games ;)