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Author Topic: World Wide Zed  (Read 1684 times)


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World Wide Zed
« on: Oct 18, 12, 04:28:07 AM »

Some of you will have meet me or members of my team , as we have crashed round on this forum with stupid questions for the last couple of weeks. Now we have our legs under us , i guess its time to introduce my team and our project.

World wide zed will be a zombie based mmorpg , post apocalyptic setting , first person perspective. Yes there are a few others like this , but none are truly massive , and most shy away from character building elements of rpg's.

Currently the team consists of me (aka Dave "Blunty" Humby) , project lead , and currently also in charge of all technical art as no one wanted to step up to that plate (its worth mentioning that most of the art team had never used 3dmax before the project start last month, but if you cant learn a new program in a month then you probably shouldn't be on the net)

Coding Team - Dave "Critta" Birch and Richard "OurLord" Lord. Dave has solid grounding in a variety of programming languages and has a proper job as head of a java development team. Richard has been programming since way back when , and has had experience dealing with corporate size database backends.

Art Team - Duncan "Monkey" Oliver , Bex "Bitchcraft" Humby , Steve "Twitchi" Johnson , Connor Humphies , Simon Suarez. All have art in their veins dying to get out and into game (all are part time though , or they wouldn't be artists)

There are other hangers on that might make it to the team , for now they have been told to take themselves back to school , before they can be of use.

Current Goals
- a player char with fps view
- a zombie npc
- a gun item to kill the zombie   

Follow our progress on www.facebook.com/worldwidezed