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Author Topic: [Resolved] Any tips for writting a fps bone control  (Read 916 times)


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[Resolved] Any tips for writting a fps bone control
« on: Oct 13, 12, 02:23:58 AM »

you have probably guessed im not used to technical art yet , thanks for putting up with my insane ramblings.

before i attempt this undoubtedly harder than it sounds bone control for fps mouse aim , has any one got any tips on the method?   
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Re: Any tips for writting a fps bone control
« Reply #1 on: Oct 15, 12, 09:39:37 AM »

Well, you should of course look at the FPS demo we created!  I take it you are referring to the setup necessary to animate the player character while and aiming and shooting?

If so, just play around with mixing animation channels, blends and maybe even additive sequences until you can figure out how they all fit together.  Then work out your plan on paper, you'll catch any over-complication or misconception that way!  :)