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Author Topic: Quick Overview on Making Easy Weather  (Read 4656 times)


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Quick Overview on Making Easy Weather
« on: Oct 22, 12, 12:44:41 PM »

So it's come to my attention that some folks haven't realized how powerful the FX Triggers in environment schemes are for making entirely designer or artist controlled weather systems without the need for any scripters to get involved. I'll make a more specific tutorial in the coming weeks, but here's an overview:

The quick breakdown:

The Emitter and the Particle Settings:
1. Make a particle effect chain to simulate let's say snow, and we'll call it SnowWeatherParticle.
2. On the SnowWeatherParticle tab increase the emitter radius to something large enough to surround the player, like (3,3,3).
3. Setup your particle like any other particle, but so that it looks like what you want it to for weather, ie, falling snow.
4. You can set the distance scale adjustment in the SnowWeatherParticle_p tab to something like -0.1, this will cause particles to get even larger as your character approaches them.
5. Enable viewing of emitters, now walk your character inside the emitter radius to check that the particles looks like what you would want your weather to look like.
6. On the the SnowWeatherParticle tab, change LinkToCamera from false to true. Now you'll most likely see that the emitter has jumped out in front of your camera, and that's because it's now using the emitter instance tab's location value as an offset from the camera position. So if you want the character to be surrounded by the particles, then set the location to be (0,0,0).
7. Copy the file location of the SnowWeatherParticle (not the SnowWeatherParticle_p).

The FX Spec:
1. Hit F5 to open the tools menu
2. Tab to Tools
3. FX System
4. Add a new FX spec, let's call it SnowFX, and edit it.
5. Drag a particle onto the FX group and select it, and past the file location you copied from SnowWeatherParticle into the event path. That's all you need to do for the particle.
6. Select the FX group and set it to:
    TimerType: NEVERFIRE
    MultiTarget: NORMAL
    TimeOut: 0
    WhenToStop: NEVER
    StopDelay: 0
7. Save the FX.

Environment Tab:
1. You can either make a new scheme, or add your weather to an existing scheme. The FX Triggers allow you to add any number and control whether your specific FX will show up based on the blend range of the env schemes currently being used in the area. But that's not important right now.
2. Edit the currently active environment scheme, click the FX trigger tab, click add, this will bring up the FX selection window, select SnowFX, and done.

See it in Action:
1. Load a new play instance of the area you are in, and you should now see your SnowWeatherParticle filling the screen. As your character runs around it will appear that the snow is everywhere.

The Advanced Stuff:
1. You can see more about the FX Triggers on the wiki, but for changing weather on the fly, your scripters can change blend values over time between various environment schemes using an external function, so you could have 5 identical environment schemes called snow, dust, rain, glowbugs, whatever, and have them all look the same, except their FX Triggers, so as the blend values change your 1 area could go from rain, then both rain and snow, then to just snow, etc.

I just wrote this up on the fly while it was on my mind, so there could be small naming errors, etc, but it should get you going.
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Re: Quick Overview on Making Easy Weather
« Reply #1 on: Oct 22, 12, 03:49:07 PM »

Ah thanks for the walk through, I had some of this working but had a few kinks I needed to work out this helps me a bit.


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Re: Quick Overview on Making Easy Weather
« Reply #2 on: Apr 05, 13, 10:09:49 PM »

Sorry for the necro, but you referenced us to learning more about fx triggers on the wiki....  after combing the wiki, the only entry I find about fx triggers is a 2 line note under enviromental panel, and the exact copy of this thread that was placed on the wiki.

Following your tutorial above, it ends up that the snow is active all the time, regardless of environmental blend.  When the environmental scheme containing snowFX is blended out, the snow still remains, because the emitter still remains unpaused on the assets menu, still pumping out snow, linked to the camera.  Obviously snow from a sunny sky looks a bit odd. Deleting the asset of the original instantiation of the emitter leads to no snow, regardless of environment, leading me to believe that the fx has done nothing.     Did I or you miss a step in there?  Advice would be --or if you could point me to the actual place in the documentation where it covers this-- appriciated.
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