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Author Topic: Keys of Orastim project startup  (Read 2514 times)


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Keys of Orastim project startup
« on: Apr 26, 11, 11:12:19 PM »

Team name:
Simputech is the company that is spearheading the development of this game. They will be funding the majority of this project and are taking care of it from start to finish.

Project name:
Our working title is Keys of Orastim. This may change in the future, however.

Brief description:
Keys of Orastim is set in the World of Orastim, a fantasy world developed by myself. The world is complete with its own races, classes, languages, landscapes and lore. The game has been in the initial stages of development now for a few months and is looking to expand into full-blown development. We're looking at the RPG genre, possibly catering to an MMO market, though we can't rule out just a plain RPG entirely. An interesting feature is an extensive profession arrangement system broken into guilds which players choose and play, offering them unique career opportunities and quests as they increase their skills. Basically, the whole game is based around this concept, allowing players to participate in a more real-life scenario of life in Orastim. Eg. You choose to become a baker and complete quests associated with bakery and interact with other players and increase your proficiency as you play.

Target aim:
We are looking at providing the game as free for the core, but with optional extras that can be purchased to cover the costs of development.

We can offer paid services for the work completed with us. This includes artwork, programming, etc... Free work is also much appreciated, and we can offer a percentage of profits.

We are looking to develop using the Hero Cloud Basic service, allowing developers from around the globe to collaborate on our project. Max or Maya will be the 3d animation software used.  Most of the necessary tools are included within the Hero engine and others will be tackled as required.

Talent needed:
We need all talents! 3d modellers, artists, programmers, designers, gamers, those familiar with the Hero service and RPG creation. Experience expected, though determination and perseverance is always more important. Expected to contribute to creating the world and developing the game through various aspects- 3d models, artwork, implementing game characteristics, etc...

Team structure:
Team is only just starting to be built. A 3d artist, myself and an investor are confirmed. Others tentative. I am predominantly a writer, and have constructed this world, though I have some basic programming skills as well as web-creation skills and MMO creating skills as well.

The Simputech website- simputech.com.au.  More important is probably the Simputech Forums, with a section devoted to Keys of Orastim, just see the website and click on forums. Website can be played around with as required.

e-mail (enquiry@simputech.com.au) and forums are probably the best two ways to get in touch.

Previous Work by Team:
As this is a new team, only short-lived in-house mock-ups have been created and ideas thrown around.

Additional Info:
The races consist of the Taneali, Malalir, Badiesai, Pimci, Noffo, Vorg’abar, Islyn, Fo’aq, Zakri and Zawii, all of which are different sentient beasts that I have described in detail. Contact us for other information, especially the .pdf's which couldn't be uploaded. 

I like this prospect because I would like to provide people with the opportunity to experience the rich-content world that I have made and can explore myself.

Most welcome!

Thanks for reading and hope to be collaborating with you soon,


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Re: Keys of Orastim project startup
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 11, 12:59:53 PM »

lol hey boss =)