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Author Topic: [Resolved] refresh all scripts and areas  (Read 1357 times)


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[Resolved] refresh all scripts and areas
« on: Oct 31, 12, 03:02:56 AM »

i would like to get a clean copy of the scripts and areas how can i do that?
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Re: refresh all scripts and areas
« Reply #1 on: Oct 31, 12, 07:32:13 AM »

There is no easy way to reset your world completely.  If you ask nicely via email, they might do that for you.

For just doing the scripts, it is relatively straight-forward:
(this assumes you have p4merge or some other diff program setup for the script editor)

  • Open the script editor
  • Open the script history
  • One by one, open the script picker for each script type (client, server, guixml)
  • sort by "modified by"
  • open each script that was modified by one of your group
  • for each of those scripts, double-click in the history window the latest version NOT edited by your group
  • copy all of the text from the old version in the diff program (in p4merge it is the "other" side)
  • paste that text over the text of the script in the editor
  • save, compile and submit the changes
  • doing that for each of the scripts you edited will put them back to before they were edited by your group.

However, there may still be changes needed to be made in the DOM editor relating to definition changes.  There is no history kept for them, so hopefully you used meaningful names to identify the definitions added.

For the areas, the only easy way to revert is to restore a checkpoint which was previously made.  Without a checkpoint, you would need to manually undue what was done. :(
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