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Oblivion Entertainment
« on: Jan 27, 13, 11:26:33 AM »

Hi all.  We are Oblivion Entertainment and we are currently developing Oblivion: Destiny's End MMORPG.  Our goal is to bring the interactivity and close knit relationships between GM's and Players from MUDs to the world of MMORPGS.  Having grown sick of seeing WOW Clone after WOW Clone pop out over the last five years, we finally made the decision to transition to the MMORPG Community.

Primary points of contact are:
Myself, Lead Developer (jclay@oblivionent.com)
Kelsie Fitzpatrick, Lead Developer (MUD) (kfitzpatrick@oblivionent.com)
Lonnie Morris, Lead Developer (MMO) (lmorris@oblivionent.com)

Our website can be viewed at:

Pleasure to meet you all!
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Joshua Clay - Owner
Oblivion Entertainment