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Author Topic: [] Chardriver question  (Read 595 times)


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[] Chardriver question
« on: Nov 09, 12, 02:39:42 AM »


I have recently begun implementing Ai for our NPC's and i have a question regarding $E_Chardriver. If i call the method $E_CharDriver._DriverClearPoints( agent, true ) should it not stop the Chardriver from moving the NPC?

What i am trying to do is fairly simple, i have created a copy of the E_AiStateWander class but set its radius to 10 instead of 0.75, now when i push a state on top of this that is suppose to stop the NPC (pause the wandering), the NPC keeps going until it reaches its wander destination, then stops. I would like to be able to stop it right when I push my 'pause' state on top of the wander state, I hope someone could give me a hint to what I might be missing.

- Regards Claus
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- Claus