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Author Topic: [] Locating Spec ID?  (Read 689 times)


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[] Locating Spec ID?
« on: Nov 19, 12, 09:53:35 AM »

Hello. I'm trying to create a spawner which will spawn my npc's and I ran into an error. I typed in the chat window /HENPC CreateFromSpec <9223372056876022079> [9223372056187021636]   since the way to call it is /HENPC CreateFromSpec  <npcID> [level]   and what it SHOULD be doing is creating an NPC from the specified NpcSpec. and it's position will be where your character is and if it has AI it will be leashed.

Does anyone know the solution to this? Because I really need is to get the NPCS to spawn (Without using the hotspot of course)

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Re: Locating Spec ID?
« Reply #1 on: Nov 19, 12, 10:43:05 AM »

Try and leave the < > signs ;)