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Author Topic: Introducing Pioneer  (Read 1427 times)


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Introducing Pioneer
« on: Dec 09, 12, 05:47:51 PM »


Hi, My name is Jonathon, I am team leader for a team known as worldboxmedia.
My background is not within games development but with website design and IT hardware. I started work on a project known as Pioneer in October. We've had a few set backs and have since reworked our ideas and want to really push ahead with the project!

Team Introduction

worldboxmedia is a rather small team, though we are close knit and good to get along with. We formed in October 2012 to develop a game together, sharing knowledge and if successful profit sharing!

Our team rota is as follows:

Jonathon - Project Management
Hugo - 3D modeller
Ryan - Terrain Specialist
Anthony - Historical Reference
Harris - 3D modeller + animator
Simone - 3D modeller + animator / Texture
Boaz - Storyline / Quest writer
Catalin - Programmer

Because we have HeroCloud it has enabled us, no matter the time zone to work individually on the same project if needed.

We discuss the project and help each other out in near daily Skype conferences. We have a project management area and share information via Google Docs

We need all the help we can get

We are new to this. We help each other as best we can to make this game but there is only a certain amount of knowledge we can share with each other and that's why we need extra people with experience in these fields.

Get Involved

 :'( If you have any experience with Hero Script we really could do with some help....

Other Positions Available:

  • 2 x programmers
  • 1 x concept artist
  • 2 x texture artists

If you do want to help in anyway, even if we have not listed it above, please contact us:

Skype:  L00tix
Online:  http://www.worldboxmedia.com
Email:  jonathon@worldboxmedia.com

About the Game

Our game is set in the years between  1400-1700AD. This was one of the great ages of discovery, our game will set out to let you lay stake to new lands. Focusing on exploration, customisation and trade. There will be instances and PvP areas.

We want to move away from the traditional hack and slash button mashing MMO and produce a game that is for everyone, something that distances it's self from the normal level grinding and allows anyone, from gamer to novice, from girls to guy to develop their character and stake claim to their own space within the game.

Character property will be a big part of the game as will crafting of items, time based mini games such as farming fishing and more.

Characters will be able to level to upgrade new items and enter dungeons.

Some features we hope to integrate

  • Property System - Personal and Guild / Family
  • Develop your islands town into a city - Help build defensive and commerce structures.
  • Co-operatively work towards island wide common goals.
  • Vast global islands each with unique plots, weather and layout.
  • Massive seamless world.
  • Naval and Land based PvP
  • Micro transaction store for cosmetic items

We will go into more detail nearing completion or if someone joins the team

So far the best estimates we have for a time scale are:

Time Scale:
Alpha Test - October - 2013
Closed Beta release - January 2014
Public Beta release - March 2014
Actual release - TBC

Screenshots to follow...

If you have any questions or would like to lend us a hand, please write them below or alternatively contact me on:

Skype:  L00tix
Online:  http://www.worldboxmedia.com
Email:  jonathon@worldboxmedia.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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