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Author Topic: The Repopulation - Artists, Level Designers, and More  (Read 1518 times)


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The Repopulation - Artists, Level Designers, and More
« on: Dec 03, 12, 04:50:00 PM »

Title: The Repopulation
Studio: Above and Beyond Technologies
Development Status: Closed Alpha with Beta and Release in 2013
Theme: Sci-Fi Sandbox-Hybrid MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Website: www.therepopulation.com
Compensation: Volunteer
Positions: 3d Artists, Animators, Level Designers, UI Artists/Developers, Programmers, Misc
How To Apply: Please see the last paragraph

Hello, we are an established project that has been in development since 2008 looking to expand our team.  We have a highly skilled team headed by 2 developers and the lead artist who have been directly working together on this project for 3 years.  We have a current team size of about 10 and are looking to add a few new faces to assist with taking The Repopulation into Beta and an eventual release toward the end of 2013.  We mostly are looking for individuals who are passionate about making sandbox games and have many people on our team that are fans of SWG and UO among other titles.  As we could write a book about the style of gameplay, I would encourage you to check out our website and the Game Features section that lists most of our features and offers a large amount of information about everything we are offering.  You may also check out the forums as well as the team frequently replies and works with our fan base to extend ideas and even implement some of their own.

The positions are volunteer positions with an opportunity later in development to turn into part-time or full-time positions.  We currently are in need of experienced and professional team members, so applicants should have some form of portfolio or resume to properly show their work.  We might have availability for other positions not listed, so if what we do is something you are extremely interested in getting involved please scroll down to the bottom to get to our contact information.  We are highly selective though and want to bring on both skilled individuals, individuals that work well with our team and leads, and of course someone who is passionate about making this game like the rest of us. 

Artists will be creating 3D models consisting mostly of creature models for use in the game or touching up existing models to bring them to a higher standard. Maya or 3ds Max knowledge is recommended, but if you have sufficient skill in another application that can export to 3ds Max that will be sufficient.  Knowledge of 3D sculpting using applications like ZBrush is highly desired and will be required for creature/human modeling.  We will also be looking for technical artists to help with importing of purchased assets and helping the other artists with pipeline needs.  Finally, we are looking for animators to mostly focus on rigging and setting up animations for creature and player models.  The ability to create your own animations and to integrate other animations will be needed.

Level designers will be responsible for working with the artists and content teams to design the world.  The primary responsibilities of level designers will be taking already imported assets and placing them in the game using the level designer tools.  Level designers will also work with the content and art team to make sure the needs for the theme of the level is being met.  Careful attention to detail and understanding poly and draw budgets is very important.  Professional experience or Mod experience is desired and a portfolio of previous work is required.  Ability to communicate and work well with people are strongly desired as well.

Next, we are also looking for UI developers/artists to assist with a UI revamp in game.  While our current UI is functional, it does need some love from a professional who specializes in this area.  Ability to support both the development and art side of this position would be a plus, but we understand that might be hard to come by and have some developers on hand that can assist with taking your designs and implementing them in game.

We currently have a knowledgeable programming team with knowledge in many areas in and out of programming.  We are currently only looking for very experienced programmers to step in and help with development and refinement of core systems.  Experience in either MMO system development or equivalent experience in dealing in massive transaction systems is recommended.  We share many responsibilities ranging from both client and server side development so expect to be thrown toward nearly anything.

If you are looking to learn more about the project we invite you to check out our website and checkout the videos and Game Features section of our website.  We have a wealth of information about the project posted on our website and will of course answer any questions you might have that you cannot find on the website.

If you are interested in a position listed please fill out our Contribution Form and we will get in contact with you.  If for some reason you have any issues or have a question to ask first you may contact us at jobs@therepopulation.com as well.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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