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Author Topic: Rough Guide: HeroEngine 2 Behavior Changes  (Read 1597 times)


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Rough Guide: HeroEngine 2 Behavior Changes
« on: Nov 28, 12, 01:57:09 PM »

There are many new features and systems in HeroEngine 2.

Behavior changes are changes in existing features that  developers should be aware of as they may affect systems you've been using.

Shader Model 3.0 (SM3.0) Required
Previously, HeroEngine supported Shader Models as old as 1.1/1.4.  In order to support more complex shadows, water, etc.  SM3.0 support is now required.

GR2 Files Can No Longer Be Uploaded
Prior to the current HGM mesh and animation file format, HeroEngine supported a GR2 file format.  While legacy GR2 files can still live in the repository, new GR2 files cannot be uploaded to the repository.

SpeedTree 4 Foliage must be Replaced with SpeedTree 6
If you have SpeedTree 4 foliage, it must be replace with SpeedTree 6 foliage to support the new features and shaders.  More information on this appears elsewhere in the forums, and on the wiki.

Account Security and Permissions
There are a number of security improvements and changes around accounts and permissions.  While you can rely on account names inside the engine being consistent, the internal account name is no longer in a human readable format.  More information on this appears elsewhere in the forums, and on the wiki.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Rendering
HDR rendering encompasses a number of features including deep frame buffers, tone mapping, and adaptive luminance calculation.  Among other changes to how you setup your lighting, high levels of ambient light are no longer required, and may even "pollute" the light level of the scene depending on the values of all your lights.  More information on this appears on the wiki.

A number of improvements as well as behavior changes have been made to HSL.  Please review the release history notes on the wiki
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