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Making a Seamless World without Borders


HeroEngine has a system called Seamless 2.0 that allows you to link areas together in order to create large worlds without transitional loading screens. Please learn all you can about building worlds in the HeroEngine before you dive in to linking up seamless areas.

An area in the HeroEngine is a discrete unit of server simulation. This concept will matter to the engineers on your team more than the world builders, but what it basically boils down to is: an area can only run so much of your game. Because of this, we recommend not making areas that cover more than 256 square meters, if you plan to seamlessly link them, unless you understand specifically what type of game you're making and how it's systems will be running.


Please keep in mind that this type of functionality isn't a free pass to just grid out a 100 kilometer square world. You need to think about what your players will be doing, and where they will be. If you look at pretty much every modern day MMO that has recently shipped. NONE of them provide a COMPLETELY seamless world. There is really no reason for it, and it adds a great deal of complexity and overhead.

Guild Wars 2: The large gameplay spaces are made up of many areas, but each large gameplay space is connected together via loading screens
SWTOR: Load screens between planets and transitioning into some major events and dungeons
The Secret World: Load screens between each world

So keep all of this in mind when deciding how you will build your game. The first thought in many new developer's heads, especially developers new to online games is "I'm going to make a huge seamless world that's 50 thousand miles long and my players will be able to run forever". Just make sure you understand the ramifications before building out your world.

Ah, but a seamless world in an infinite loop sounds pretty appealing, it does not have to be that big, but the idea of no "dead end" is nice. You can just end up right back where you started.


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