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Author Topic: [Resolved] FaceGen HGM2OBJ Issues  (Read 881 times)


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[Resolved] FaceGen HGM2OBJ Issues
« on: Dec 20, 12, 09:50:08 PM »

Hi there,

After being able to make my characters have horribly ill skin tones I'm now trying to integrate a face using FaceGen in the engine to add to the horror!

I have been able to get this to work by directly converting to obj and testing in the modeler demo but am having no such luck exporting as stated on the wiki.

I keep getting errors regarding the geometry not matching.
I've tried exporting as a standard dynamic part and converting using hgm2obj as there's no gr2 anymore.

I found an old post from Stadi regarding similar issues, I suspect if I export as gr2 it would work.

At a dead end right now. I even tried the /O option.

Edit: Really weird, today I tried importing the original face obj and even that wouldn't work, I just had to create a new project in customizer for it to accept that model again. I'm going to start over. Doh the back button, the last few times I was trying to change the model but it must have already generated files.I'll try again.

[Solved] converter works fine, the problem seemed to be down to trying to use the same project after importing the original obj to test, see what Santa has for me after I go to bed tonight. :)
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