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Author Topic: New PvP focused MMO Starting up looking for artist.  (Read 903 times)


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New PvP focused MMO Starting up looking for artist.
« on: Jan 02, 13, 09:01:56 AM »

Good morning,

A brand new project is starting up.  This project will be a fantasy MMO with swords, magic, etc.

The game will have meaningful open-world PvP with looting, territory control, alliances, player cities, etc.  PvE will also be very important and will have alliances/guilds fighting for valuable MoB spawns and territories.

For combat, I want to combine the more traditional MMO targeting, with twitch gameplay, by targeting via a recticle, and losing target when it is no longer in the recticle.  Ideally, some projectiles would also be used, so incoming attacks can be dodged, but at this stage, I am not sure how viable this would be and whether it would be worth the effort.

Anyways, that is a very brief overview of what the game will be about.  Now here is a description of what I am looking for in an artistic developer.

I believe that a few motivated and intelligent team members could be as productive as a larger team, and that as a team grows, it's percentage of efficiency tends to drop.  I have some experience with HeroEngine scripting and picked it up pretty quickly as I tend to do with most technology.  My plan, initially anyways, is to script all of the game systems myself.  I would likewise, like to find an intelligent and independently motivated artistic developer that would be able to own the art side of the project.

Initially this project will be volunteer only, but if I found someone that could become a partner and really own the art side of the project, they would be able to pick up a cut of the pie if the project is able to go retail.  (I'm thinking monthly subscription here.)

Any such partner would have to prove themselves, and if anyone volunteers that doesn't measure up to this type of partner that ends up leaving the project after some contribution would most likely not be compensated.

- The ideal candidate will own the art direction, model creation, animations as well as assist in building the world.
- They will be responsible for loading the models into HE via the 3d Max/Maya scripts provided by HE.  3d Max/Maya must be legally licensed for commercial use.
- Be at least 18 years of age.
- Be willing to spend at least 10 hours a week on the project.

If interested, please copy the above bullet points, and state your status of being able to fulfill these requirements and send them to HeroCloud.PvPMMO@gmail.com.  Please also provide some examples of your work...  Art, modeling, etc.

Thank you.