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Author Topic: Best way to master proxyForwarding  (Read 583 times)


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Best way to master proxyForwarding
« on: Jan 04, 13, 09:37:08 PM »

I know I am going to have a seamless 2.0 world that is going to have to use proxyforwarding for combat. I'm slowly putting all the pieces together on how to build it out to work but always find myself lacking that little bit of full understanding.

Thought I would ask others what tutorials / wiki entries / etc made the most sense for them or if there was a special thing that caused things to click.
I have read the proxy wiki, the replication wiki, node wiki etc a dozen times. Just want to make sure there isn't something like implementing an npc, or item inventory, or spec system, etc that ends up covering something that makes proxyforward across seamless lines click mentally, that I just haven't looked at.