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Author Topic: Spellers  (Read 1775 times)


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« on: Dec 13, 12, 10:16:59 AM »


I'm spellers (Simon if you'd prefer).

To get straight to the point introducing myself right now as a developer would probably be a bit of a lie. I'm an electronic engineer / software tester.

All that said, I have for a long time had an interest in the development of games with the ultimate goal of creating something that is both different and intelligent in a way that people can enjoy. (rather than another cover based shooter for example lol).

HE came across to me as something that I can use (before anyone says i'm not expecting to single handed start making a AAA title). Right now to me this is as much a hobby as it is a project.

Anyway that's me...

As a separate kind of thing, looking through the various Wikis and tutorials it struck me that despite HEs pricing aimed in a manner that can attract people like me, perhaps the instructional content is aimed at a somewhat higher level.
I have an idea that i'd to record upload some of my experimentation and learning experiences (with audio, a kind of learn along with.. series). hopefully for someone in a similar situation to me it will be of some use, but we'll see how i get on.