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Author Topic: Perishable Reality Gaming  (Read 2421 times)


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Perishable Reality Gaming
« on: Jan 09, 13, 04:13:12 AM »

My name is LoliMadit and im one of the lead devs on our newest project.
We are development team of about 6 now, we are world wide based so someone always ganna be working on the project.
We are known from twitch for Minecraft mostly also our Gamer social network cryptedgamers.com and server hosting company.
We will be asking for your guys help on testing and im hoping you will be fine with asking us any questions as we will be doing the same.

Anyways Thank you for reading!!!!! <3

Note: I didnt know if we could post web addresses in here so if not just leave a comment and ill change it.


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Re: Perishable Reality Gaming
« Reply #1 on: Jan 09, 13, 02:17:11 PM »