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Author Topic: [Resolved] Why use /henpc instead of just selecting things from a list?  (Read 2334 times)


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At http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Add_Creature_to_Engine it list some henpc commands for things that you no longer need to use henpc for, you able to just right click the NPC and choose to possess or delete it.  Couldn't all of the henpc commands be made that way? 

For example, instead of /HENPC MOVE <npcName|ID> <option> <parameter1>...<parameterN> you just right click on it, select Move from the list of commands, and enter in the coordinates and/or rotation you want to move it to.  Have a command to click on to move it to your location and rotation, instead of having to type all of that and the TOME command.

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Re: Why use /henpc instead of just selecting things from a list?
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 11, 09:22:37 AM »

The reasons are fairly simple, we have tried to (by default) keep the menus as uncluttered as possible...though I agree multiple ways to access functionality is always nice.  Depending on your usage patterns, some commands might be more or less common (for example I did not expect that moving the npc to your character would be sufficiently common to warrant a place in the menu for the average developer).

Fortunately, it is easy to add this to the menus for your game's NPCs by editing the e_nonplayercharacterclassmethods script and adding additional menu options (by implementing the shared functions AddContextMenuItems and DoContextMenuItem, you probably want to copy the existing functions located in _NonPlayerCharacterClassMethods as a base).
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