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Author Topic: How Do I Save Area Versions and Copy Areas?  (Read 2997 times)


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How Do I Save Area Versions and Copy Areas?
« on: Jan 11, 13, 09:25:11 AM »

The HeroEngine saves your area edits in real time (as long as you're in an edit instance and not a play instance), but obviously there's still a need to save backups, in case you do something you regret later, or sleep walk while world building.

You can use the area checkpoint system to save as many versions of an area as you'd like.

You can also copy an entire area into another area (which isn't actually as simple as it sounds, since the server has to recreate the entire area).
1. Create a new area
2. Enter the Edit instance of the new area and delete the default heightmap
3. Right click the area you'd like to copy in the area organizer, and select import
4. It could take up to a few minutes, then somewhere, most likely above you, the entire area will have been copied