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Author Topic: [Resolved] Create dungeon - enter from simple area.  (Read 1024 times)


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[Resolved] Create dungeon - enter from simple area.
« on: Jan 12, 13, 04:41:47 AM »


Can somebody help me. I want to make the area1 - ground - as area before entering to the dungeon. And Area2 the dungeon. Link it with Seamless.

What i need: Area1: mountain and the enter to the dungeon - Area2.

How can i do this? How to create undeground level? Maybe already exist some tutorial or other informatio about this? Or somebody can tell me what i need to read on wiki?

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Re: Create dungeon - enter from simple area.
« Reply #1 on: Jan 12, 13, 05:05:16 AM »

Here are a few tutorials I found.

Cut holes. This might be useful for situations like where you want to put an entrance to a cave or dungeon, or some other purpose where you need to get a small part of the heightmap out of the way.


Creating a cave roof. Overlapping heightmaps might also be used for a cave system.




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Re: Create dungeon - enter from simple area.
« Reply #2 on: Jan 12, 13, 08:52:25 AM »

TBH you should model your instances in max/maya as much as possible. The customisation is so much better that way, rather than simply using height-maps for everything.


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Re: Create dungeon - enter from simple area.
« Reply #3 on: Jan 12, 13, 01:20:03 PM »

Yeah for a dungeon, aka large size thing. Cut a hole in the mountain and then build your dungeon via sections in max/maya.

Make it in various "pieces" Like straight tunnel, large opening room, curved tunnel, ramp up section, etc. Then you can lego style build numerous dungeons / make variances without having to fully remodel every time.

Once you build the model / dungeon and connect it together, you can place different things like boxes, rock formations, or any other single model inside to give it variances to make it not appear the same.