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Author Topic: HE_CSSSelectLastAreaInstance - Signature doesn't match other shared functions  (Read 657 times)


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I have the class what implementing CSS.

I try to implement method HE_CSSSelectLastAreaInstance but i get this expeptions whyle compiling "Signature doesn't match other shared functions/methods"

My code is:
Code: [Select]
method HE_CSSSelectLastAreaInstance( account as NodeRef of Class _PlayerAccount, lastAreaID references ID, instance references String )

What i do wrong?

And second question is. I have my impl. of the PlayerAccount how can i cast in to the XX_PlayerAccount?
Code: [Select]
dmAccount as NodeRef of Class DM_PlayerAccount = account;


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Hello ,

for your first question , i believe , HE_xxx implementation methods are usually" as Boolean " and must return true to become an override ...
but to be sure if you retype the "(" front of method HE_CSSSelectLastAreaInstance it shows you how to make its Signature  matchs to other shared functions/methods

for ur 2nd question.. i dont have any clue yet ...
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