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Author Topic: [Resolved] Where to Start?  (Read 2830 times)


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[Resolved] Where to Start?
« on: May 17, 11, 03:41:12 PM »

Our Server will be set up soon. I am going over the wiki and any other documentation I can get my hands on... I have been talking to the Repopulation Team since I was on their team for a couple weeks back last summer. They suggest that we get the Hero's Journey code working on our server and use it as a framework.

What are other team's thoughts? Should we use the Hero's Journey code as a framework or should we just code our game from scratch?

Our game is a mix of Fantasy and Scifi... Using Technology instead of Spells and Magic. We would also like a more involved, faster paced combat system then the combat system in games like WoW.
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Re: Where to Start?
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 11, 07:45:33 PM »

I would definately use HJ as a reference for aiding in developing your game but I would not use it as a framework per se.  It tends to be a great example of how certain things can be approached but, in the end, each game should be scripted in a way that supports the specific requirements for that game.
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Re: Where to Start?
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 11, 12:36:30 PM »

Why would you code something from scratch?  Just grab what's already there, and manipulate it to your liking.  Surely there are some scripts you'd want to reuse.  Strip out anything you don't need for your type of game.

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Re: Where to Start?
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 11, 01:48:28 PM »

Should we use the Hero's Journey code as a framework or should we just code our game from scratch?
Really, I wouldn't recommend doing either.

This debate has gone on in another thread, but the gist of it is such:

The Clean Engine setup that you start out with is the intended starting point, and it is not at all starting from scratch.  If you explore the Fantasy Lowlands area that is the default starting area, you will see there is already quite a bit of infrastructure in place. Throughout the code, there are many places to put in "detours" to the standard flow of control wherein you can put any custom stuff you want.

The common practice is that base engine class, function, and method names usually begin with an underscore, then inside functions and methods, they will check to see if there exists a version of themselves beginning with HE_. If so, that can replace some or all of the base functionality.  There are a ton of places where it does this.  So, you can write HE_ versions of things to customize it if you like.  On the other hand, leaving other parts as-is will still provide a good deal of functionality.  There are a few classes that begin with E_ (meaning evaluation) which show examples of doing this kind of overriding and how it was used to create the default gameplay you see in the sandbox, as well as how the clean engine is initially.

Some groups prefer to port over the Hero's Journey reference world and start there.  The HJ Ref is definitely a lot larger and has more bells and whistles, so to speak.  A few things you should know about going that route:
  • Doing so is a very big and painstaking process.  There is no way to download scripts, and all things in the DOM editor like fields, classes, enumerated types, etc. have to be manually recreated.
  • Much of the code in HJ ref is out-of-date compared to the latest version of the engine, so you need to be cautious about whether the way it was done there is still the best way to do it.
  • By starting with HJ, you run the risk of ending up with something that is simply an HJ mod rather than an original game, unless you customize the bejeezus out of it, which would defeat the point of using it in the first place.
HJ really was just intended as reference to learn from, not an RPG starter-kit.

Our team felt that customizing the clean engine is really the way to go, particularly since our game is in a different genre from RPGs.  As such we had some unique issues to sort out.  But in a few short months, we have gotten the hang of how to customize the scripting, guis, and tools and find the clean engine very easy to work with.  And certainly for anyone who is doing a traditional RPG, it'll be even easier.  

Ultimately, each team will need to decide for themselves what is best based what they are trying to accomplish.  
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