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Darcstar Games
« on: Mar 04, 13, 01:17:50 AM »

Hello everyone just introducing myself and my team of developers and testers etc. My name is Thomas Miles and I am C.E.O. & Founder of Darcstar Games. We are a new start-up company specailizing in MMORPGs.

I am 33 years old and live in Toccoa GA with my wife and son. I am currently working as a Game Reviewer/Editor at spycastdistrict.com. I attended Gaston University in North Carolina and I earned my Associates Degree in Fine Arts in 2001. I earned my certification in Creative Writing and Journalism at North Georgia Tech in 2003. I am currently in the process of returning to school to earn my Associates in Computer Science and Technology and plan to become Certified in Networking Systems and Web Development. I currently write for various websites that focus on Technology and Gaming. I also act as a volunteer journalist for some up and comming gaming websites as well.

My role in our current project are as follows:

Game Design Elements, Direction & Web Marketing and Development
Story Board Director and Weaponry Design
Team Leader and Graphic Design Supervision
Software Distribution to Team Members if required
Network Server Hosting
Promotion and Advertisement

So far we have the following positions filled:

System Mechanics Programmer
Combat/Skill System Producer
Game Master
Closed Beta Development Tester
Story Designer
Weapon and Armour Designer
Character Biographer/Lore Author
Promotional Marketing and Video Production Producer

If anyone is interested in contributing to our project we are looking for the following:

Video Editor
Sound Engineer
Game Engine Coding
Persistant World Creation & Managment
Forum Moderators & Adminstrators
Graphic Design and Art Direction
Graphics Artists & Character Designers
Item Creation
Currency Directors
Event Cordinators
Game Testers
Tech Support Agents
Customer Service Reps

Well thats all I know to say so good luck to everyone and god bless.

Thomas Miles
C.E.O. & Founder
Darcstar Games© 2013

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