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Author Topic: _PlayerAccount not reporting in E_playerAccount  (Read 707 times)


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_PlayerAccount not reporting in E_playerAccount
« on: Jan 15, 13, 05:59:23 AM »

Hey folks,

I followed the Dynamic Replicated Object tutorial and found something odd that was preventing it from working:

The checks 'if subject <> None and subject is kindof _playerAccount' were not passing...

By using GetClassesInNode I found that the subject was reporting only two classes:
E_PlayerAccount and HeroBladeUser

Even though in the DOM, _PlayerAccount is clearly a Parent Class for E_playerAccount

I changed the checks to  'if subject <> None and subject is kindof E_PlayerAccount'  and it works correctly...

I'm baffled as to why _PlayerAccount does not appear in the class... 

Can anyone shed some light as to why this is the case?