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Author Topic: [Resolved] ETA on the HE Asset Store?  (Read 5927 times)


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Re: [Resolved] ETA on the HE Asset Store?
« Reply #15 on: Apr 04, 13, 09:37:54 PM »

You can buy the entirety of Heroes Journey right now. I think it has like 200 weapon models.


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Re: [Resolved] ETA on the HE Asset Store?
« Reply #16 on: Apr 05, 13, 09:45:19 PM »

So question Cooper, is the "store pieces" ready but lacking dev interest so no need to "turn" it on, cause it's empty.


Is it not built cause we haven't shown enough interest in it?

I ask cause if it's there but just empty, I could see about getting some modeler friends, to chip in and help me crank out a bunch of stuff. However I don't want you guys to build out the system from scratch have a bunch of inital packages then I have to slow down, and no other interest.

Also did you ever answer my question about speed tree's and being able to sell them, in regards to ones we create from scratch?

Also will you accept textures only, for things like terrain / heightmap painting.
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