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Author Topic: Struggling with CreateCharacterFromOutfit  (Read 867 times)


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Struggling with CreateCharacterFromOutfit
« on: Jan 24, 13, 05:21:52 AM »

Maybe I just dont understand the system but from what I can tell when I change to a new area like say from in game to css it dumps the handle info.
For example Im saving the outfit handle when I enter into the game that way I can access the handle at selection. But when I get to selection what do you know the handle no longer exists. Is there something Im missing when it comes to using the gotoutfit sendoutfit and create from outfit stuff? Like is it just held in memory and then dumped at some point making the saved id worthless?

Code: [Select]
03:19:57: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: In function CreateCharacterFromOutfit: Failed to create character: Outfit Handle not valid
Did some more looking so If I understand this correctly I need to send outfit while still in the same area and then do the create outfit all in the same area and everything?
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