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« on: Apr 25, 13, 04:53:54 PM »

I wanted to say hello to the developer community. I am new to the Hero Engine and mostly have some XP with UDK. I have run a mature guild called Obscuri Lateris for almost 10 years. And we just love gaming. As a result we have decided to cross over into our own independent project for the sheer love of gaming which is what our very small community consist of...da luv=very hard workers.

We love online games, board games, card games, PC or console games, pen and paper. The Hero Engine fits right into our needs.  So we are enthusiastic at heart and have some XP with art, scripting, and modding.  We are trying to take interesting ideas and not follow previous formulas or make wild claims. We are starting out with small projects and will move up from there.  We have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

So cheers to all of us gamers who have decided to make games, in our case we shall "attempt" to  :D make games.

Mark Fronstin
Gamers group: ObscuriLateris.com
Studio: http://www.ObscuriSoft.com
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