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Author Topic: New Amazing Project looking for expirienced scripter!  (Read 1598 times)


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New Amazing Project looking for expirienced scripter!
« on: Feb 21, 13, 04:00:33 PM »

New amazing game in developement.

We are now a team of four amazing people!

Henrik - Lisence holder, and project leader.

Norman - Model artist, and tester.

Pål - Our story guru - played more MMORPG's than he's had hot dinners.

Stephen - Our test rabbit, and cleaner.

We are currently hiring expirienced HSL scripter!
We are also looking for a decent world builder aswell as another modeler!

Our game is about an Alien planet.

There are two playable factions:
Aliens and humanoids.

While the two factions are battling each other a third faction enters to slaughter everything it comes over.
It harvests planets in order to fill it need's.

It's now both faction's task to prevent the third faction to harvest their blood.
They are still trying to kill each other, but to fight back the third faction they must team up.
Can they make it?

Humanoids technology is in steampunk style, and does not have overwhelming Sci-fi equipement.

We are still working on the story, and factions.

Are you ready to join this awesome team?!
Leave us a message in the comment section. Ask questions, share ideas.

Skype: Arctichost-Henrik
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