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Author Topic: Mass Place Groups of Assets Like Trees  (Read 1554 times)


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Mass Place Groups of Assets Like Trees
« on: Feb 07, 13, 11:42:01 AM »

Most new developers don't realize that it's very easy to create set groups of objects, and dynamically place them in the world. Let's say you have a Camp layout of a tent and fire pit and weapons, etc. Or you have a group of 20 trees, and you just want to copy that camp layout or those trees to another location or over and over again, but still have them attached to the heightmap.

With a single object, you would just use the Dynamic Placement Tool, and then hit CTRL + D while moving the brush around.

For a large group of objects, we'll look at using the Library and the AutoGroundSnap Setting.

1. Select all the objects in the camp.
2. Open the properties panel and set AutoGroundSnap to True.
3. Open the Library, right click to add an entry, and select "Grab Selected".

  • Now you have a library entry that will place the camp any time you click it, and snap it to the ground
  • Or, once the objects are set to ground snap you can mass select them, and using the Dynamic Place tool with CTRL +D, blanket the area with them, just like you would a single instance.